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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snap, Crackle & POP!!

I am a Lushaholic.

So it comes as no surprise that I have already purchased A LOT of the lush Christmas collection. Last year I discovered 'Cinders' Bath Ballistic and fell in love with it, so this year I was VERY happy that it was back and just as amazing as ever :)

On the Lush website it is described as "A spicy, soda-scented ballistic, that crackles like a roaring fire and warms like a hug from Prince Charming." It is exactly as it is described though I think it's just a little bit better- the scent just smells like a fire, really smokey and autumnal. I really like things that remind me of snuggly times :) I LOVEEE the look of it with the little red crackling balls (or cinders) on the outside, look a little like Rainbow drops! It's like a little fireball!

When you drop it in your bath, it instantly starts to crackle, however the one negative thing about this product is I thought the crackling would be A LOT louder then it actually was :S However once you get past that it is a great ballistic. As it is a ballistic and not a bubble bar, there will not be any bubbles (which some people may not like) which can be a little disappointing if you want a really bubbly bath. However I think that the smell and price kinda makes up for it!

For £1.95 it makes a really nice stocking filler for Christmas and will keep you warm on those cold, winter nights. This is already the thrid one I have used since the Christmas range came out, so it shows how much it love it!

If you have used this particular bath ballistic, tell me about your experiences by leaving a comment.

Much Love,

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