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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Little Red Dress.....

Zara at the moment is just full of surprises, some days there is absolutely nothing that leaps out in front of you saying 'buy me', other days you can find some STUNNING pieces. Recently I have found some gems.

The Lavin collection may have sold out, however this is a complete show stopper that could give Lavin a run for his money! The fabric may look a little inexpensive however the shape is gorgeous & the colour is a complete knockout. It looks just like a designer piece for half the price tag. At £99 it is a little expensive, however with Christmas round the corner & the many social events it brings- this dress could completely pay for it's self.


If you have to pick a simple dress for the party season, Zara is the place to go:

p.s The bag & shoes are two other gems online at the moment that I'm seriously considering purchasing!

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