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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Autumn Days....

Well, it's definitely fall/autumn now- the leaves are falling from the trees, it's dark at 7am, the need for layers is vital and it's getting uber cold. This is my favourite season, though don't get me wrong I love all seasons, just there's something snuggly and warm about autumn for me :)

So I decided as this weekend was soooo beautiful, I wanted to go on a jolly around my village and local country side, and enjoy the crispy but sunny day. This also included a short stop at my local pub for a drinky (cider), wondering around the local charity & antique shops and also me collecting a HUGE amount of conkers!!!

I am NEVER without my camera when I go walking just in case i come across something amazing/needs to be captured e.g I see an alien or I just happen to bump into Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass gg)

So I wanted to share these with you guys so you can experience with me the beauty of autumn.

Why not share your pics of autumn where you are?



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