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Monday, 10 August 2015

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up Week 022.....


Getting in a sneaky Sunday Catch-Up on here on a Monday, but yesterday understandably was my birthday,(24+1!) & I didn't want to sit inside typing this up when I could be enjoying the last of the summer sun, eating cake & catching up with my family- Sunday's really are the perfect day to have a birthday!


1. Monday, Me & Adam had a little cry as he returned to work after his two week holiday- is it bad that we feel that way?! 

2. After discovering Legally Blonde: The Musical a few months back, I have become completely obsessed with the song So Much Better- I know all the words, listen to it at lest twice a day & have listened to many different versions of it on Youtube! 

3. Work on our house is still taking shape- this week saw our decking being replaced (as it was rotten in places & the boards were coming up, here there & everywhere!) & boy does it make the garden look wider! We also have been looking into replacing our banister & spindles in our hallway & landing, as they are really low down & wobbly, so fingers crossed we can get that sorted asap so we can finally carpet the whole of upstairs & staircase. 

4. Tesco's Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes is my new go to snack- curbs my chocolate craving, is a lovely addition (if broken up) with some Strawberries & contains only eighty four calories.

5. Wednesday we went to Ikea & I'm pretty certain this was the only trip where we came out with hardly anything! I should probably mention that the only reason why we took this trip was to look at a sofa (which we are still not sure about), but only coming out with some wooden spoons, bins & Cacti I think deserves a round of applause!

6. I am now fully caught up with Pretty Little Liars & cannot contain my excitement for this weeks episode!!!! All the questions for the last six series will be answered, we find out who Charles is & finally we find out why everything that has happened to them has! I will not be looking forward to the long wait once this half of the series ends though- might have to rewatch it from the start again!

7. Since coming back from holiday & getting a little smidgen of a tan, I have really been enjoying the MUA Luxe Contour Kit in Medium/Dark which, for a bronzer & contour noob like me, is so beautiful & easy to use. A honey brown colour that looks really nice on my pale skin & in such pretty packaging- I think I can understand now what all the fuss is about!

8. Yesterday as mentioned, was my birthday & of course I had a blooming marvellous day (thank you sunshine gods!!) with my family. The day started off at Bills with Adam, where we went for our usual brunch (Veggie Breakfast with Scrambled Eggs & Crispy Potato is where its at!) that turned into a major cringe fest when the waitress walked out with a brownie complete with a candle on top. But I quickly got over that & we headed to my parents where I spent the rest of day- we went on a walk across the fields to one of my favourite pubs, chilled in the beer garden with a g&t in the sunshine, headed back & fired  up the barbecue where my parents, brother & sister put on a delicious spread & then after stuffing ourselves to the brim, out came the cake which we then ate as the sun went down. Overall I had a lovely day with the people I love ♥

9. Highlights on the blog this week include: Mevagissey Travel Scrapbook | Zara's Autumn Lookbook | & How To Achieve The Perfect Summer Flush

How has your week been?

Much Love,

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