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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up 021....


The Sunday Catch Up is back!!!! 

Oh, how I have missed writing this weekly roundup! 

1. Summer is finally here!!!! & this week the uk was blessed with some ridiculously hot weather, which although being cooped up indoors for nine hours a day working, has still put me in a very happy & positive mood for the week. 

2. I have fallen back in love with my Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation after switching over to Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation. The texture & over all finish is just such a lovely light & flawless coverage, that I need to remind myself why I stopped using it in the first place!

3. On Wednesday I was in London for a meeting all day which then naturally led to a shopping trip on Oxford Street, Cocktails in Slug & Lettuce, a cheeky Charlotte Tilbury purchase & getting the train back from Victoria at 9pm! Who said work was boring!?

4. I have really been loving Pesto Scrambled Eggs recently on Avocado & Chilli Flake Toast with a few fried Mushrooms on top..... typing that just made me want to go cook some for lunch (moves to the kitchen to make lunch!)

5. The 1st of July kicked off my blog re-launch & re-design (if you don't know I will be blogging all of this month), which I have been meaning to do for years & am so happy I finally did it! Feedback would be great & muchly appreciated

6. After years of friends/work colleagues pushing me to watch Pretty Little Liars, I finally gave in & fired it up on Netflix & I am so so so obsessed! I'm already on season four, am in love with Shoby, am convinced Ali is alive & think Mona is psychotic! If you need me, you know where to find me!

7. Saturday saw me & Adam get all dolled up to attend one of his best friends weddings. It was such a lovely day, caught up with some old friends & made us think a lot more about our wedding (an updated wedding chit chat will be on the blog this week). 

8. Highlights on the blog this week include: VE's Makeover | My Top 7 Favourite Cookery Books | Summer Lip's Sorted! & My Summer Inspirations Board

What have you guys been up to this week?

Much Love,

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