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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up 018.....


1. Monday started off on a really crappy note- My Grandpa had been taken into a hospital after a mild stroke, he is fine now doing a lot better then he was, but it just puts life into perspective I suppose & just makes you realise that your grandparents may not be around for that much longer. 

2. My Sims Three obsession has returned- Adam you only have yourself to blame, as he exclaimed (whilst tidying my tech box) 'you don't play on The Sims anymore!' Oh, don't I?! 

3. Now that the warm weather has started to return, I have been contemplating buy the Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs Tan Glow. I have seen some really amazing pictures of the befores & afters on Pinterest which make me really want to give it a go, so if any of you guys have tried this or something similar let me know how you got on with it.

4. Never go into Marks & Spencer's hungry kids! This lesson was truly learnt on Wednesday after popping into my local one on my lunch break for a bottle of water, quickly turned into a full blown food splurge *slaps self on wrist*. However, I thankfully discovered the joys of their Falafal Balls (remember my craving for falafal in my last TSCU?) which definitely scratched an itch!

5. Also on Wednesday I dug my sad iPhone out of it's rice bed to discover it was alive! Yes guys the rice saved it, its a miracle! Although my new phone arrived on the same day meaning I now have two working phones *face palm*. So if anyone needs an iPhone 4, just ask!

6. Friday night was date night. This week we treated ourselves to an Ask complete with Buffalo Mozzarella, Parma Ham & Rocket Pizza, glass of Rose & a Garlic Bread to share. After chowing that bad boy down, we headed off to watch The Amazing Spiderman Two which was epic! Having already seen it once for my brothers birthday & thoroughly enjoying it, I was looking forward to seeing it again & wow I just loved it! Definitely a must see.

7. I have been obsessed with Palmers Coco Butter Body Lotion- smells so yummy, you would think it was edible & keeps my pins & hands soft & moisturised. Predict this will be my 'go to' body lotion for the rest of the year!

8. Saturday night was a little bit random- half of it was spent chilling on the sofa, eating a bowl full of pasta & chargrilled veg whilst laughing at the Top Gear's Africa Special repeat on Dave. & the other half was spent at an eighteen year old's birthday party, watching eighteen year old's make total fools out of themselves falling onto the floor (alcohol induced) & sticking there tongues down each others throats! That last sentence made me feel like a total granny, but jeez it was cringy! Two guesses as to where I would rather have been!?

9. Today (Sunday) has been spent on a bit of a spring cleaning mission. I packed away all my thick knits for the summer, bagged up some old clothes for recycling & went through my magazine pile. How productive! 

What have you been up to this week?

Much Love,

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