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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch-Up Week 014.......

1. My day off on Monday proved very productive- cleaned, filmed & edited a couple of videos & trying to organise general bits & bobs. 

2. I had another disastrous day at work & had a little cry on my lunch break on the phone to Adam. It basically involved me finding out my Christmas rota which included twelve over nights in a month & the rest of my shifts starting at seven am. Would I see Adam or my family over the Christmas period? With this rota not a great deal (sad face) but watch this space.

3. This whole week I have been contemplating whether or not it is too early to put up the Christmas Decorations... needless to say logic took over & they are still in the loft calling out to me.

4. Have been lusting over far too many things from Topshop! Must resist till after Christmas.

5. This week I discovered something amazing..... M&S Turkey & Cranberry Pastry Roll!! Writing that just makes me salivate (lol) it is just ten times better then a sausage roll & tastes like Christmas. I think it is acceptable to have one a day until the twenty fifth!

6. Thursday was ice skating day aka my way of ice skating involving me pulling myself along the edge of the ice rink!! Oh how my work colleagues laughed. I love how at Brighton Pavilion the ice rink pops up every November ready for the festive period- it looks so pretty with the lights projected onto it & of course after putting myself through all that, I had to round off the evening with a Mulled Cider (oh how festive!).

7. Catfish on Viva has been my guilty pleasure all of this week. It is such an eye opening program with some really shocking twists, (example a guy meet a women on a dating site who said she was trans gender & when they met it person she actually wasn't trans gender!) but such a good watch!!

8. Saturday was absolute madness at work & like a customer kindly reminded me, it's only three more weekends to go until Christmas- ergo everyone in the Sussex area was in Brighton!! Thankfully I finished work at four & made my way home to flake on the sofa with a big cup of green tea & a muffin, whilst watching a really bad Christmas film called 'Meet the Clauses' & trying to write a Christmas Wish List. As I was too lazy to cook, a Domino's order was placed & I pretty much spent the rest of Saturday night on the sofa- bliss.

Can you believe we are already in December!? Three & a bit weeks to go!!

Much Love,

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