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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My 'Go-To Autumn Nail Polish Shades......

L-R: Topshop Polish in 'Country Bumpkin' & 'Treasure', Revlon Colorstay Polish in 'Spanish Moss', Urban Outfitters Polish in 'Doll', Topshop Polish in 'Moving House', Essie Polishes in 'Wrapped in Rubies', 'Leading Lady' & 'Luxedo'. 
I've said it before & I'll say it again, when it comes to makeup I am a nail polish junkie! 

Nothing else in my makeup collection do I own more of then my polishes- there's just something about polishes that I am instantly drawn to, which may explain why I have found in my collection four red nail polishes, all from different brands in the same identical red shade! Who says you can never have too many reds?! Anywho, as a lover of polish I have pulled together my favourite autumn shades I am addicted to for this time of the year- expect rusty reds, bronze golds, blackcurrant purples & mossy greens. 
'Leading Lady': Glitter polish to the max! This polish reminds me of Dorothy's ruby red slippers & is perfect for those rainy autumn days or for the fast approaching Christmas time. For me I like to apply three coats to amp up the sparkles- you could just leave it at two coats, but sometimes you might want a little bit more sparkle to cheer up yourself up.
'Wrapped in Rubies': This is the perfect autumn nail polish for me combining two of my favourite autumn colours (burgundy & gold) in one polish. I love the multidimensional tones this polish offers, giving you a different flash of colour in different lights & movements.
'Country Bumpkin': Firstly how cute is this name!!? Bumpkin *squeals* This is a lovely shade for those pink polish lovers out there who want to wear pink in autumn but want to tone it down a notch. Its got a slight terracotta/pumpkin orange shade to it, but is very subtle & rich which looks even more fabulous if you still have a remainder of a summer glow! 
'Luxdeo': Vamp, Vamp.... Vamp it up!!! This polish means business, a cross between blackcurrant purple & black this polish is a great alternative for a dark red nail perfect for autumn date nights or if your attending Halloween parties. Whenever I see this polish blackcurrant corduroy always springs to mind! If your feeling creative add some gold 'half moons' to your nails to add a chic & edgy look. Blackcurrant nails anyone? 
'Moving House': Again another great autumn alternative to a bright or pale pink, this is a darker version of 'Country Bumpkin' but has a little bit more of a blue undertone to it. Again, I love this colour as its really rich & rusty looking which I love to rock during the leaves changing colour.
'Treasure': Did you just hear Bruno Mars singing that to you!!? This is a gorgeous bronzy-gold colour with a metallic base, which is just the colour that sums up autumn for me. Imagine curled up in front of the fire reading a book or eating a Sunday roast with this polish on. If you want to add a pop of colour, use 'Moving house' on your other nails to make it even more autumnal. 
'Spanish Moss': If you love your aqua's & mint greens from summer than this is a great alternative for autumn, khaki green is a huge colour trend always for this time of the year. This polish is perfect for those of you who like their polishes to last a really long time without chipping, I could get away with using just one coat of this as it is really thick & glossy- but I like it to be long wearing so apply two! Teamed with some high wasted acid wash jeans, army boots & Parker jacket, you have yourself a very trendy & autumn appropriate outfit. 
'Doll':  Yes you can still wear your favourite nude, taupe polish in autumn! For me there is nothing more chic & simple then to wear a polish that looks like your wearing makeup on your nails. I love everything about this Urban Outfitters polish, its cheaper then my Nails inc one & lasts way longer too, the colour is just perfect for those casual days & its great if wore along side burgundy or carmel (two colours I rock in autumn). 


What's your favourite nail shades for autumn? 

Much Love,

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  1. ohhhi want all the colours for the autumn!! i want the khaki green and the fall orange


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