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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Joys Of Printstagram......

The most used app on my iPhone is Instagram.

I am a huge lover of photography & editing photos with filters, (as I love the look when putting a filter on top) & so over the last two years of having Instagram I had accumulated over three hundred photographs by using this app, but know means of printing them!

Until I found Printstagram.

This online store offers you plenty of different ways to remember those memories created- from classic Polaroid squares to A4 posters, calenders to framed prints, the options are endless!
& not only is the quality of the prints absolutely fantastic & the speed they took to get here was great (they came from America!), but for such great value for money you don't need to worry about it costing a huge amount. Adam & I are so impressed by the quality & overall look of them that we are going to get some printed for thank you cards for the wedding & getting the photo's printed off from the reception & wedding in a memory box! 
                                                      Squares- $12
                                                  Mini Prints- $12

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What style of prints have you ordered on Printstagram?

Much Love,

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