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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bedroom Ideas...

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 I really enjoy interior design.
I constantly love looking on the Internet, in magazines & talking to my friends looking for different ideas & inspirations when organising & changing my room.

However, unlike most of my friends I still live at home (many are either finishing uni or are living in rented accommodation) & have only one room that I basically live in & can re-decorate. & for the last few months I have seriously been having the erg to re-do my room.

It has been about two years since I finally finished my room, exactly how I wanted it at the time- Shabby chic furniture, with a dark red feature wall behind my bed, "Star" in wooden letters on the same wall, black & white floral duvet cover & pillows. It did take me well over 4 years to actually buy all the furniture, paint, carpet, get the small finishing touches ect- but now I feel like I'm tired of my room as I did start the process of changing it when I was 16, so I  feel that I have grown out of what I wanted my room to be like & my taste has matured since. Granted I still LOVE all of the furniture & little pieces I have got over the years & trust me I shall be keeping all of them, I just feel like I need a small change for what should be the very last time until I get my own place with my boyfriend (ekk!!)

So natural I have been searching the world of Google & Pinterest, getting inspiration & ideas of how I would like my room to turn out.  I still LOVE shabby chic, however I would like to add a few more modern bits & bobs to it to make it a little more boutique & comfortable.

My colour scheme at the moment is red, white & black which I think is just too much!!! I'm loving the more neutral tones such as cream, biscuit browns, green & light pinks. I recently picked up a small tester pot by Dulux in the shade 'Leafy Cottage' & although I have yet to try it out I feel like this colour would look really good on just the wall behind my bed, as I like to do one main feature wall in my room. Unfortunately for me I have textured wall paper on my wall, as the walls behind it have got tones of holes & dents from the previous owners so alas it has to stay, but it's not so noticeable when you have neutral tones over the top of it.

I really, really lucky to be gifted these beautiful, genuine Harrods suitcases the other day from my boyfriends mum, after falling in love with them in a charity shop window, she very, very generously brought the for me & I am BEYOND happy with them! They look beautiful in my room & are exactly what I wanted, as I shall be stacking them up next to my bed as a bed side table!

So they are my thoughts of how my room shall hopefully turn out, have any of you got anymore ideas or inspirations you could give me?

Much love, 


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