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Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Mulberry Obsession......

I'm Elle & I have a Mulberry Obsession.

Mulberry for me is everything brilliant about British style & heritage combined. For those of you who don't know the brand or have never heard of the name, it is a company from Somerset, England which is VERY well known all over the world for it's leather goods- in particular ladies handbags. 

Now, I have a slight obsession with handbags.
It is an obsession which boarders on the lines of Carrie Bradshaw's with shoes, I can't go past a bag store with out going inside (the smell of leather entices me!) & if I see one that makes my heart beat faster, I know its fate & I have to get it. Now my love for Mulberry bags goes back a good few years now, ever since 'The Alexa' was introduced I started to become interested in the company, especially as the quality & style is beautiful.

I ♥ the shapes
I ♥ the colours
I ♥ the postman's iconic lock
most importantly:
I ♥ Mulberry Bayswater

They are such pretty bags!! & the style is totally sophisticated & chic & me. You guys have know idea how close I was to buying one of these when I was in New York! But I could not decide on the colour! Classic black or delicate beige?! & now I have seen it now comes in burgundy!!! 
Mulberry are you trying to kill me!!? 
This now makes my decisions that much harder again, plus the new Del Ray bags are amazing!Vintage yet contemporary & the shape is gorgeous (loving the rounded edges), the only downside for me is I'm not sure if it's too small....

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What do you all think?
Which one is your favourite?

Hands up who else has a Mulberry Obsession.

Much Love,


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