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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Month In Pictures- My iPhone...

Nearly a month ago my boyfriend brought his iPhone 4S, which meant that after a few years lusting after an iPhone, I would finally be a proud owner of an iPhone 4 (due to his upgrade).
Now one of my main reasons for upgrading to an iPhone over a Blackberry was because of the apps that are available (& also because I ♥ Apple technology) & because of one app in particular.


As many of you probably know or have guessed, I LOVE photography & having discovered this app a while back I was really, really excited to be able to FINALLY use it. Now for those who have an iPhone, you are probably very familiar with this app- it gives you the option to be able to add a vintage looking filter to any photo you take & you can upload it straight to twitter or facebook instantly. I love the cute, vintage filters that you can apply to any picture. As a huge lover of vintage looking photo's, this really ticks the box for me & its much easier to apply to a photo this way, instead of spending a good half an hour on photoshop editing the picture & getting the same result. Plus its free!

So heres a little idea of what this app can do...
You get to see what I have been up to this month!

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Polish chocolate treats.Leftover veg omlette & salad.
Fortune cookie prediction.
Halloweenmadness. Smallville season finale.
Naughty Mcflurry & Coke moment. Bonfirenight OOTD & fireworks.
Wagamamas. Boyfriends chickens.
Indulging in early Christmas treats

Have you got any fun apps that I would have fun using?

Much Love,



  1. You've got such a lovely blog! x

  2. Thanks hun, yours is gorgeous too :) xoxoxo


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