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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Someday Summary: Saturday ♥

So I'm currently sitting on my bed, eating a chococcino muffin from good ol' M&S, listening to 'Four Leaf Clover' by Diana Vickers & thinking what to blog about today. Yes, it has been a while since my last post (as always I blame work) & I thought why not do just a simply pimply blog post!

Today I had a major lie in- it was very well deserved as I have worked 8 days solid :S
(pats self on back)

Excuse the slightly dishevelled hair, I just washed it, blow dried it & it is now all fluffy!

I have a slight obsession with these muffins at the moment- literally the only reason I EVER venture into M&S is because of their food! The muffins were on 1/2 price for a pack & seeing as I was tres hungry, brought some & ate 2 in a row!

I am currently reading Marni Nixon's biography (in case you don't know who she is, she was a musical theatre legend & dubbed Audrey Hepburn's voice in My Fair Lady, along with many others)

I was SOOOOO HAPPY to get all of the Gilmore Girls seasons for Christmas (such a guilty pleasure!) & I'm working my way though them- I watched about 6 episodes this morning!

Loving the whole 70's summer vibe at the moment, I was looking for some MEGA flared trousers but came across these daisy printed little babies & thought to myself- how summery!! By the way I think Topshop are the best so far for this look & I love how they have named the collection after the film Abigail's Party :)

I was messing around on the ol' photobooth & made some funny faces. Feel free to have a giggle on me!

Note to self: Need to by Adele's new album.

Plans for today?

Well we are going to go on a 'jolly out', as my mummy likes to put it, to Furniture Village. I can see a lot of people giving a puzzled look to me via the screen.

Number 1: why am I going out with my family, when I'm 20? & Number 2: Why Furniture Village?

Well you see furniture village give complementary cookies and hot drinks to their customers! Yes that is correct- we are going there to get free food!

Also I will be seeing boyfriend laters & will have to then go shopping for din dins as his cupboards are always bare! & then checking out what is on the box (TV).

What is everyones plans for your saturday?

Much Love,

Elle xoxox


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