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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

H&M are going LIVE......

So I'm flicking through my mum's new interior designs magazine on a lazy Wednesday afternoon, with a mug of green tea in my hand & I come across something that's MEGA exciting... H&M are launching a Home Collection for the first time in the UK towards the middle of September AND they are also FINALLY stepping on the bandwagon of sooo many successful high street stores like Topshop & as of September you will now be able to buy clothes, shoes, accessories YOU NAME IT ONLINE!!!!!

Yes can u tell I'm excited??!!

Well I really am, just because buying online you will be able to get so many things from H&M that you cannot find in store, or they didn't have your size in store so you can go online & buy it. Plus if you don't have time to walk around the shops say because of work, you can just log on in the comfort of your own home (or whilst at work!)& buy it then. It's just a lot more convenient. Oh btw Zara are also going 'live' online 2nd September! EXCITING!!

So anyways I'm loving the H&M Home Collection & will defiantly will be buying a few bits & pieces (especially the cushions) when it launches. As always H&M are affordable with most of the pieces starting as little as £2.99 BARGAIN!!

So go check out these pics & decide what your going to buy.........

Much Love,


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