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Friday, 14 May 2010

Computer Meltdown

Well it looks like I'm having one of those months where nothing seems to go right with technology what so ever! Firstly my computer softwear that i use to edit all my Youtube viedos decided to stop working, so i brought a new piece of softwear and now it looks like my computer is COMPLETELY broken too. So if anyone from the Youtube community is wondering where the hell i am? Well its because my computer keeps freezing (in my eyes this means it is broken) and i am trying sooooo hard to get it up and running again ASAP!! I have made seven videos so far all edited, all good to go BUT i just can't convert them into a video file :S grrr!!! So looks like i need to save up for a computer and FAST!

Anyways rant done tick time for fashion rambles :)

So I picked up my copy of Glamour this month & there are LOADS of fab fashion ideas just floating around. When i pick up my copy here's one thing i ALWAYS do before reading any articles: I just look at the pictures! For me this is the only way i can draw out pieces that i like before reading the whole magazine.

Number one: OBVIOUSLY the front cover made me think of just one little thing SEX & THE CITY 2 OUT 28TH MAY!!!! AHHHH!!! 9 DAYS & COUNTING! SJP looks FABULOUS on the cover, whoever said a sequined jacket and glittery Louboutin's were too much? Looks mega casual with the ripped denim.

Number two Summer Scarfs: DO!

A great accessorie to wear between the transition of spring to summer & adds a splash of colour to a neutral outfit a la Kylie.

Number three: over half a million people in Britain only wash there sheets three times a year!!! That made me wanna be sick, yes i am a little bit OCD but THREE TIMES A YEAR! COME ON PEOPLE! ewwww!

Number Four: Olivia Palermo

Style Icon. I am very envious of her, i have not seen any picture of her where she does not look completely flawless in appearance. This is a girl who LOVES Topshop (huge tick) and is not afraid of mixing designer with high street when it comes to high profile events. "I've never used a stylist" she reveals- *gives evils* Love the mint coloured blazer- very on trend & the giant bow makes a huge statement as well as adding a masculine edge to it.

Number Five: Glee Cast

Man they scrub up well :) Love the outfits, Love the photography THUMBS UP!

Number Six: Feminine Dressing

On every page i turned on the fashion pages there was a strong sense of girlyness and feminine dressing. Lots of sheer fabric, pleating & frills. Bang on trend this summer THUMBS UP!

Much love,
Elle xoxoxo

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