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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Being Elle: The Sunday Catch Up 019.....


1. The week started with two overnights which I felt went really well, but has left me really really tired & craving sleep for the rest of the week.

2. Tuesday saw something very very exciting happen. I don't want to tell you all yet because I don't want to jinx it, but I will share with you next week what I am talking about, but its sooooo exciting!!

3. Malteaser 'Teaser' chocolate bars are the! We have them in the vending machine at work & I cannot get enough of them!!!

4. Caught up with Made in Chelsea on Wednesday & let's just say I am not a happy bunny! * Spoiler Alert *.....
Stevie & Stephenie.. WTF!
That Toff girl is extremely un-necessary
Alex's behaviour is appalling 
Who would want to sleep with Spencer Matthew's knowing his reputation?!
Lucy & Jamie just need to be together. End.

5. I rediscovered one of my all time favourite songs this week 'Civil Sins' by Boy Kill Boy, which lets just say is extremely nostalgic & brings back alot of great memories from 2005-2006. It basically was my soundtrack- I actually used it as my 'background track' on my Myspace page & on plenty of slide shows I uploaded onto Bebo. In general it reminds me so much of parties, prom & general craziness that happened around this time of year eight years ago! That sentence makes me feel old! 

6. My Sims 3 addiction is back in full swing (Adam you shouldn't have reminded me about it!) & I am sorry to admit that I spend every day after work playing on it for at lest three hours *slaps hand*

7. Saturday was chilled as ever- spent the day with my mummy & sister. We went to our local garden centre, mooched around our local farmers market, had a chat over Costa & I nearly stole a five week old kitten on a trip to our local pet shop (just look at that face!!!). In the evening I cooked a new Jamie Oliver recipe that turned out amazingly, well, that was until I took it out the oven & the handle of the frying pan broke dropping the whole thing onto the glass of the oven door!! *face palm* After a few frantic minuets of trying to salvage it, we sat down to dinner & lord, this is amazing- unhealthy but amazing! I will do a post on it soon.

8. Today (Sunday) has been spent doing very little. Had lunch outside in the sunshine (cheeky Bacon Sandwich), written a few blog posts for the week & planned some videos & posts. Later on when Adam's back from work & if the weather stays nice, I think we will go for a little walk in the fields & just have a chilled out evening as I have a really busy week at work ahead boo

What have you been up to this week?

Much Love,

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