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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Naughty Elle Tempted By Chanel......

I have been dream, nay lusting over Chanel for years.

Fashion & beauty products a like, there is something extremely enchanting & luxurious about owning something by Chanel- maybe it's the connotations of Parisian sophistication or maybe it's from watching my mummy (yes I call my mummy mummy, so!?) apply Coco Chanel for years & playing with the bottles at age five, but there is something about it that makes me happy! 

So I had been toying with the idea & going back & forth every time I went into Boots, of buying something from the Chanel counter & two months ago I had a bad day at work (no better excuse than a bad day at work to buy Chanel!) & thought 'sod it, I am going to buy something!' & I exited with a little white bag, tied with a black ribbon, with that magical word written across the front.

Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in 36 Chintz. 




The two things that I love the most about this product is the colour & the texture. 

In the beginning when I was swatching away on my hand all of the colours, I thought this colour was slightly too nude & would be too translucent on my lips (would look like I was wearing no lipstick at all!) However, the sales assistant recommended that I tried it on my lips to see the true colour, as she said it was the perfect rose brown colour for a natural look- generally I always stay well clear of trying products on my eyes/lips, as the thought that other people have also applied it to these places sends (& this is true) chills up my spine! I mean..... yuck! 

But I thought 'Hey it's Chanel!' & tried it on & honestly it is the most beautiful colour I have ever tried, swatching it on your hand does not do it justice! Now I don't like bold lip colours, I'm always a nude or subtle lip kinda girl but I honestly honestly love this colour, it is me to a tea! I would definitely describe it as a subtle, classic rose colour (trust me the photos do not do it justice!) & is such a dream to apply & wear- a creamy texture which last quiet a while before further application & is not drying in the slightest (there is nothing that I hate more than the feeling that you are wearing lipstick, am I right?!) & I get so many compliments when I wear it, it is unbelievable! 




Of course I also love the packaging, it's beautiful, heavy & feels every inch glamorous. I was also extremely happy with the way this little lip stick was lovingly wrapped & placed in a simple white bag with a ribbon- I felt like it was a present!


What is your favourite Rouge Coco shade? Suggestions?

Much Love,


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