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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Topshop Cosmetics Haul......

I am a big lover of the Topshop makeup line.

This mainly due to the fact that I love how they are packaged, the price & the overall look of them- who doesn't love cute polka dots & roughly drawn stripes?! 

So I was in Topshop the over day browsing over a few things from the Louise Grey collection (didn't like anything from it by the way!) & discided to pick up a few bits & bobs that I have been meaning to purchase for a while now.

  Nail Polishes- £5 (Country Bumpkin) & £7

Ok first off are the Nail Polishes, which were the items I originally had been meaning to purchase for a while! Firstly because the colour choices are amazing & vast, but also because you cannot find most of these colours from any other cosmetics brand- they are unique. So I got 'Country Bumpkin' (which I have been wanting for ages!), 'Eyes of Steel' & 'Treasure', as you can all probably tell by the shades I picked out they are very autumnal. This was very deliberate as I don't really own many autumn shades & tend to wear nail polish a lot more during the more cool times of the year!

First impressions of the products: the consistency is brilliant- thick & great coverage to the nails even after one coat you could easily feel like there is no need for a second, the colours are very very pretty, I like how easy the brush is to use as it has quiet a lot of bristles & is very bendy which makes it easy to get an even coat & into all of the tricky nooks & crannies & compared to some of the more expensive nail polish brands (Essie & Nails inc to name a few) it lasts for much much longer, even without a topcoat. So overall I am very, very happy with all of the polishes ( I have been wearing Country Bumpkin for 3 days & it hasn't chipped so far & I have been at work opening boxes with my bear hands!) & would defiantly recommend to try these polishes out, as the value for money & colour choices alone are brilliant!

                                                                                                      Lipstick- £7


Righty, I brought this Lipstick in the colour 'Coy' mainly because when I swatch the colour on my hand it looked like a brilliant neutral shade of rose pink, which was the exact colour that I was looking for! It felt creamy & the colour was not too bold, as for me I feel more comfortable wearing neutral shades during the daytime. 

What they say about this product is:
"Matte finish lipstick in a chubby pencil format, great for applying on the go. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, matte finish, wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish."

Now I didn't want there to be a but, however here it comes.... BUT....

When I actually applied it to my lips it sinks into every crack & makes my lips look disgusting! Now I do admit the first time I tried it I thought it could be down to the fact that I didn't moisturise my lips before hand, so on my next attempt I did moisturise with good old trusty Vaseline, left it to sink in & tried application again but the same thing happened! So I grabbed my Mac lip gloss in 'Fullfilled'- which is a pretty good colour match to Coy & put it on over the top thinking it would even out the cracks & colour, but it looked the same- a chalky but glossy mess!

I'm not sure if I'm applying it wrong or maybe it's just my lips(??!) but it just looks really really bad! & I totally disagree with the product description by Topshop- it is chalky on the lips (so far off matte!), defiantly not moisturising & you certainly cannot wear it alone!  

If any of you have any tips or advice on how I can apply it to not look like this then please leave me a comment below because I really want to like it, or on the other hand if you have had the same experience then leave your thoughts below too!

So there's my two cents on these products from Topshop, obviously the Nail Polishes were the clear favourites of this mini haul as the quality & longevity of them is brilliant.

Any comments/thoughts please feel free to leave them below,
Until next time..

Much Love,

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