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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Style: The Perfect Summer Bag.....

Heya lovelies,
Long time no speak!

I'm beyond sorry for the lack of post as of recent, I'm not going to make up a lame excuse only that I have honestly been busy & just wanted some time away- I hope you can all forgive me :)

Let's power on!!

As you all know I have become a huge lover of Zara (was not a huge fan but was luckily converted!) & basically check it on a regular basis for new items & ones that I can add to my 'need to have in my life' list, & whilst browsing the other day I came across these beauties. 

They are so pretty with the little cut out holes more or less all over, with the best colour palette possible for spring/summer (my fav is either the green or coral)& are not as overwhelming in size as the cult 'plated leather shopper' bag- literally you could fit keys,purse,makeup,phone ect & would be able to find everything quickly (one of my pet peeves is having to root around in your bag for ages trying to find your keys!)

They look extremely versatile as well, I could see you using it as your statement bag for dinner out wearing just a simple black blazer & white dress, or using it on a regular, day to day basis with pumps,jeans & a baggy top. But I feel it's the cut out detail that gives it an edge that makes it look a lot more designer than high street.

For me Zara do bags better than any other store on the high street. 
I believe this is because of three main point:
The design
The quality
The price

They look more expensive then they actually are & for many of us that cannot afford designer, it's like getting a little slice of what it would/could be like & plus we all like a bargain!

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Cute or what!!??
If you have fallen in LOVE with these bad boys like I have, click on the linkage HERE 


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