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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Being Elle: With Love From New York.....

Greetings from New York City lovelys :)
I am currently sitting in a Starbucks, looking a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw on her Mac, somewhere on Madison Avenue killing time before my flight back home! :( I didn't really announce or say to you guys that I would be visit New York but this is where I have been for the last 11 days- it would come as no surprise to you all that I visited again so soon, as you can tell by the post from last year.
As my last visit was amazing & I could not wait to visit again (there was some serious withdrawal symptoms for the last year or so!) Unfortunately I had all intentions to blog, vlog, film outfit videos- I brought along my Mac, tri-pod & ideas, however New York being New York kinda took over all of my time & I honestly had very little time to put all of these ideas & words into motion (also my hotel had zero wifi & therefore I had to either steal wifi from many Starbucks' or Apple stores, which is not cool!)


This trip has again been fabulous, I have brought way too much, eaten too much, walked loads & have had a fairly relaxing holiday (which is unusual considering I went on holiday to the city that never sleeps!) So I will defiantly be doing a full blown, way too many pictures, all inclusive post about my travels in a few days time, when my body clock has semi recovered & I can keep my eyes open for a long period of time! I will be share with you many a tale such as how I missed by a few minuets Blake Lively filming a Gossip Girl scene, the amount of Red Velvet cupcakes I managed to eat, what my best purchases were & general chit chat about what the hell I have been up to!

But until then here is a little mini post saying HELLO, hope you are all well & I will talk to you all soon :)

Oh, & be sure to have a look on my YouTube channel over the next few days to see one outfit of the day that I did manage to film & a teeny tinny Vlog (if you like that kinda thing)

Wish me luck for my flight home!!!
Much love,


  1. heyyyy!!! i was plan to read your "new york" blog but i saw this new one! what a surprise ! haha wish you have a nice trip I'm so jealous :D

    1. Heya lovely :) keep an eye out of the next few days as I shall be uploading my full length post with tonnes of photo's & general chit chat about where I went/what i got ect, but I am glad this has helped!! xoxoxo


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