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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Glitter Overload: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia....

I'm a HUGE sucker for anything glittery.
Hats, Bags, Eye Shadow, Nail Polish you name it, I'm drawn to it- kinda like a mouth to a flame or a magpie to a coin (makes more sense!?)

So I was wondering around lost in Superdrug on my lunch break (to avoid staring at the wall in the staffroom!) & I passed the Revlon counter. Now I have NEVER brought anything from Revlon before, my normal routine is "Oh, Revlon. Too expensive. Off to the Barry M counter I go." However being the bargain hunter that I am, a bright red sign caught my eye- "half off",or something along those lines it read :S
& so, onward I went, to boldly go were no Elle has gone before. &whilst looking at a gorgeous mint coloured nail polish & pondering whether it was too depressing to buy a summer colour when summer had left the building, this little baby caught my eye.

It's slightly jazzier then I would normally choose, being a neutral gal that I am, however sometimes you just need to have a little sparkle in your life so I thought, why not give it a go! Plus I'd heard quiet a few good reviews on it which may have swayed my judgement!

So, on application I was slightly disappointed. I applied one coat of the polish thinking "oh it's uber glittery so I won't be needing another coat". No, I was wrong. The first coat only slightly covers your nails in polish, a light grey colour with hardly any glitter whatsoever. At this point I was completely regretting my purchase & cursing my magpie eye. However, I pulled myself together & gave it one last try- a second coat.
& thank god I did because it was only on this application that what I had been expecting on my first coat ACTUALLY happened. I suppose the light grey first coat acts as a base coat, that allows the glitter to stick & the true colour to come out on the second application. Also a huge thumbs up for this polish because it dries super quickly, I'm talking under a minuet which for me is brilliant & what I look for in a good nail polish.



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I'm glad I did not stick with my first thoughts about this & that I gave it another go, because otherwise I would not have seen this in all of it's amazing glory. My overall thoughts are that I really like this polish, it lasts for a really long time- it did not chip until 4 days in, the pop of coloured glitter on a dark grey background is a great look for autumn, I love how quickly is dries & I love the overall idea.

Thumbs up from me :)

Have you guys had good experiences with Revlon Nail Polish?

Much Love,

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