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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Baby's First Steps In New York....

I am not a huge fan of Victoria Beckham.
Don't get me wrong her outfits are classic & well put together.
She is very polished.
I like some of her designs from her collections.
Her husband is GORGEOUS (until he opens his mouth! Sorry Becks!)
But there is just something TOO polished & posh about her that makes me just not a huge fan!


Harper Seven Beckham is gorgeous.

This week every paper I picked up, she was in it being shown the world of New York City & the world that her parents live in. Shopping in Prada, dressed in VB, Paraded down 5th Avenue with light bulbs flashing & paparazzi everywhere- Victoria must have been teaching her the fine art of public appearances & shopping.

Its is clearly visible that Victoria LOVES her daughter an incredible amount (as she is the daughter they have both craved for, for years) & who could not blame her, I AM IN LOVE WITH HARPER TOO ♥

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Prediction: She will be a bigger fashion icon then Suri Cruise & will be a bigger star then her parents.

Watch this space!

Much Love,

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