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Monday, 23 May 2011

The Long Goodbye......

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Is that a blogpost from VintageELLE09 that has appeared in my dashboard?!
Argghh YES :D


It appears one has been slacking on the old blog front for this month (to be honest it has been a fair busy one) but fear not.

So what have I been up to, I hear you all ask?

  1. Falling in love with eBay AGAIN- Sold some stuff, brought some stuff GOD IT'S ADDICTIVE!!!
  2. Hating my job. Enough said.
  3. Went to Leicester for my gorgeous besties 21st birthday, partied hard, got back to hers at 4am, caught the train home at 1pm- EXHAUSTED. I don't know how you students do it!
  4. My boys 21st birthday, more of a chilled out day spent eating some amazing cupcakes, unwrapping iMacs & saving sheep (?!)
  5. Brought Kate Middleton's 'going away on her honeymoon' Zara Dress :)
  6. Re-connecting with Sex & the City series, mainly consisting with me shaking my head for Carrie not marrying Aidan & crying because I miss New York :(
  7. Crying some more at the season finale of Gossip Girl- Chuck & Blair are meant to be together ♥
  8. Falling in & out of love with Youtube. This is a constant love/hate relationship at the mo, I make videos & delete them, at the moment I'm just going to stick with blogging
  9. Wearing a blazer EVERYDAY, I'm loving this look at the mo
  10. Looking to buy a flat with my boy- now this is serious when I say buy I do mean buy not rent. Found one that needs a little attention, it's Victorian, in our price range & would look amazing if done up, however the boy wants something more modern!!!
  11. Laughing at Made in Chelsea. It's terrible but I still watch it every week.
  12. Listening to Birdy- Skinny Love CONSTANTLY, truly beautiful.
  13. Looking to book a summer holiday
  14. Eating M&S Greek yogurt & granola pot- LUSH
  15. Cheering that Lush are sending me my prize I won when I was in New York, YAYYY!
  16. Watching TheSacconeJoly's on Youtube, beautiful couple & are very funny to watch, reminds me of me & my boy.
  17. Trying to find the perfect bikini. A constant quest
  18. Finding loads of new blogs to follow. There's some amazing talent out there.
  19. Missing blogging
  20. SLEEPING!!
So in a nut shell that is what has been happening so far this month & there is still 8 days left!

My current mood: I'm loving being home & with the people I care about too much ♥

What's everyone been up to then recently? I know most of you are all in the middle of exams/or have them coming up so LOADS OF LOVELY LUCK TO YOU ALL, I can remember what it is like but chins up my lovelys just do your bestest & look forward to a long summer.

Much Love,

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