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Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Wonderer Returns....

Hiya all you gorgeous people out there <3 Firstly I just want to say that I'm VERY VERY sorry for the lack of blogging going on here at the mo!! There is no excuses and I'm just extremely sorry!!! I will defo be doing a lot more blogging in the future. Now then if you guys don't know I was away this week for a few days to the lush town of Bath. I went with my BF as we hadn't had a holiday since summer so it was v.v nice to get away. If any of you are thinking of going to Bath or are going there for summer then here are my top 7 must go to places that I visited whilst I was there.

1) Shopping in the Southgate shopping centre.
Obviously every girl loves to shop & in this part of the centre there is every shop you could possibly want!From Topshop to H&M, Tommy Hilfiger to All Saints there are many big names in this part of the town. Its a new development though the architect reflects the roman history this town oozes & I LOVED IT!! There are a lot more shops opening in there next phase like debenhams, so if your visiting Bath in the summer there will be a lot more shops to choose from. I brought farrrr too much as per normal so it was a tres good shopping trip.

2) Have an ice cream @ The Real Italian Ice cream Company.
This ice cream was LUSHHH!! A really good value for money @ £1.80 for a small cup or 1scoop in a cone. There's a huge number of different flavours to choose from and the staff are lovely and friendly :) It was quiet when we were there but i would defo think it would be busy in the summer.

3) Chill out at the Thermae Spa.
PURE LUXURY! We just went for a 2 hour pass, however because we were travelling with Great Western trains home we found a 2for1 deal where you get a 4 hour session for the price of 2 so we did that & payed £26 each for 4 hours which is a bargain for what you get. The best part of the spa for me was the steam rooms, it was kinda like something out of an alian movie!! There were 4 different pods with different oils infused in the steam and a HUGE shower right in the middle of the room. Also the roof top pool was breathtaking with views of the whole of bath! After 4 hours i not only looked like a prune, but i was shattered!

4) Visit Bath Abbey.
Now i only ate lunch on the benches outside the abbey twice but it is a must see sight. The beautiful carvings on the church mixed with the guitar playing of local buskers makes this a perfect spot for a quiet lunch and a good place to people watch as well. Watch out for all the birds though!!

5) Visit The Roman Baths.
This was really interesting and again great value for money, yes it was £11.50, but i think that the value is fab for how much history is crammed into this place. You get to tour the baths on your own with no tour guide unless you want to, if so you can always go on a tour every hour or so. But you get given these phone type things to listen to commentary about the baths, and its your choice what you listen to. Also there's cool commentary for kids too so added bonus! Only downside for me was that i didn't get to have a photo with the roman men because i think they went on lunch HA!

6) Have a bun @ Sally Lunn's.
I went here for lunch and it was super busy but we managed to squeeze in!! The service was OK (we had to wait a while for the bill!) and the food was good especially the apple pie with clotted cream. The value for money was good though maybe a little over priced for what we got, however just to say you sampled a Sally Lunn bun its a must to visit.

7) Go smell the books @ Guildhall Market.
I LOVE markets and especially the book stands so naturally i went crazy here. There are tonnes and tonnes of books under every genre you could imagine & i found some very VERY good bargains on books. I really like Harlan Coben and brought some of his books for under £2 each!! Also the lovely smell of old books was in the air, with a huge amount of classic on offer. I was in book heaven!

So there we have it my lovely's that's what i got up to & i would have defiantly done ALOT more if i had more time so i will defo be going back again soon!

Love and kisses xoxoxoxoxo

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